Accelerating the Circular Transition through Digital Innovation.

Candour.Digital is a digital agency dedicated to accelerating the circular economy through open & honest technology. We develop cutting-edge solutions that drive circularity forward.

Our vision

We believe in improving lives through Circularity.

We believe in the Circular Economy as a systematic alternative for our take-make-waste economy. Through Circularity, we can redefine the fundamentals of commerce, reconnect with the true value of our products and re-envision our societies for a better future.


Circular Commerce introduces a new economic philosophy, taking into account the social and environmental cost of a product, and introducing repair, rental, resale and recycling as core building blocks of a product's lifecycle.


By digitalising all actors in the value chain and the products they produce, Circular Commerce allows us to reconnect like never before. Knowing who made our products builds trust and ensures a transparent foundation for future-proof collaboration.


As Circular Commerce makes its way into our society, we become less dependent on raw materials, less susceptible for overconsumption, and more mindful of our role in the broader economic system, allowing us to re-envision what a healthy should look like.

Circulaid: embracing the power of Digital Product Passports.

Circulaid is our Connected Products Platform for the Circular Economy. It was developed in collaboration with New Optimist to launch the world's first digital deposit system for Circular Fashion (STATIEGELD).

Circulaid uses Digital Product Passports (DPPs) and Blockchain Technology (LUKSO) to unlock visibility on circular product's lifecycles and incentivises consumers to return their products for re-use or recycling.

Item-level traceability

Circulaid helps brands to keep track of their product's lifecycles and helps to prove where & when products are returned.

Incentivise consumers

Each product carries an amount of digital deposit in its passport for to consumers to return their products back to the brand.

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About us

Meet the team

We're true pioneers with a strong focus on circular concept development and prototyping.

Haiko Huvenaars
Founder / CEO

With a background in Supply Chain Management, Haiko is the visionary and strategist behind Candour.Digital. He takes a process management angle to overcome the industry's Circularity challenges.

Lex Raijmakers
Co-Founder / CTO

As a full-stack developer, Lex is the person who can build it all. He complements Haiko to ensure concepts and processes are translated into tangible systems that are functional and scalable.

Where we started

A timeline

2020 - Candour Clothing

In January, we set out on our journey with an idea for a circular fashion brand.

2021 - Pivot to software

Through participation in conversations & workshops with industry experts, we identified a clear need for digital solutions.

2022 - Acceleration

After launching our first version of a digital wardrobe, we applied for the Fashion For Change EU Accelerator program.

2023 - Launch

Through our participation, we developed an launched a proof-of-recycling tool, which we later launched with New Optimist as STATIEGELD.

Candour.Digital has been a driving force behind the success of our statiegeld campaign. Together, we designed, built and launched a digital deposit system that enables New Optimist to take Circularity to the next level.

Xander Slager

Founder, New Optimist

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